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  1. Roots of Ayurveda
  2. Traditional medicine in Buddhist India
  3. Period of Systematization
  4. Philosophical Ideas in Ayurveda
  5. Human Body in Health
  6. Human Body in Disease
  7. Food and Drinks
  8. Code for Healthy Living
  9. Diseases
  10. Diagnosis and Prognosis
  11. Medical Treatment
  12. Materia Medica
  13. Surgical Treatment
  14. Surgical Instruments
  15. Treatment of Fractures; some surgical procedures
  16. Principles and methods of rejuvenation; enhancement of sexual potency and fertility.
  17. Selection of students: oath at initiation; process of training
  18. A Science Initiative in Ayurveda (ASIIA).
  19. Biological effects of Amalaki Rasayana in two models: Rats : Drosophila Melanogaster. Physico-Chemical characterisation of Rasasindur.
  20. An Ayurvedic view of Life

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